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Chinese New Year Celebration 2016

On 5th February 2016, the Chinese unit of the Mother Tongue Department hosted the Chinese New Year celebration for Woodgrove Secondary.


The festive celebration commenced when Mr Chee, the principal, and Mr Tan Wang Cheow , the School Advisory Committee Chairman, struck the Chinese gong and created a joyous sound that echoed against the walls of the school hall. The theme for this year’s CNY celebration was ‘The Reunion of Victory’.


The highlights of the programme included the performances of the Chinese Orchestra Percussion ensemble who welcomed the students, teachers and special guests of the assembly with their song 《鼓动天地欢》 (gǔ dòng tiān dì huān) and two other arrangements  《迎春接福》 (yíng chūn jiē fú) and恭喜恭喜》 (gōng xǐ gōng xǐ)  that gave prominence to the traditional Chinese instruments and ignited the CNY mood.


The students from Drama Club put on an impressive performance about how the Monkey god defeated the demons and restored peace in their dramatic presentation, “The Trio and the Demon”《孙悟空痛打白骨精》 - Journey to the West with the Monkey God. More talented students displayed their gifts in music, dance and the arts through the stunning performances of the School Choir, Voice of WGS, and Modern Dance Club.


WGS also invited special guests from the Sunlove Seniors Activity Centre in Marsiling to enjoy the show and celebrate CNY with the students and staff. A representative from Sunlove was presented with a food hamper from Mr Chee, and the students in turn presented the elderly guests with mandarin oranges and gifts. Our Red Cross Youth cadets also gifted the guests with food hampers – made with love and decorated with care by Woodgrovers – to take home, and ensured they had an enjoyable time in school.


As a Chinese tradition, the joyous celebration came to a close with the arrival of the Fortune god, played by Mr Michael, the eager Lion Dancers from Modern Dance Club who showered everyone with CNY auspicious blessings, and the finale song which was led by the talented Parent Support Group.


This Chinese New Year celebration aimed to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Chinese culture and tradition.