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Strategic Oral Communication Workshop by An Astute Mind Pte. Ltd

The Upper Secondary Express and Normal Academic classes attended an Oral Communication Workshop on 30 and 31 March, 2015. Carried out by an accomplished vendor, An Astute Mind Pte Ltd, the workshop imparted effective and useful insights, strategies and tips pertaining to oral communication to our students. These strategies and techniques will stand them in good stead when it comes to tackling the Reading Aloud and Spoken components that are assessed in the ‘O’ and ‘N’ Level Examinations.

2015_ELOralCommWorkshop_EL Dept_Photo_2.jpg

Students plugging their ears to
 practise reading a text aloud.

More specifically, the objective of the workshop was to equip students with the following:

• Ways to read and present with purpose, audience and context in mind

• Ways to expand vocabulary in spoken interaction 

• Ways to respond effectively to visual stimuli using sound pedagogic framework

• Ways to elaborate on responses meaningfully

• Ways to structure persuasive and discursive topics in an organised way 

• Ways to sustain spoken interaction intelligibly and effectively

2015_ELOralCommWorkshop_EL Dept_Photo_3.jpg

Tazneen, our distinguished trainer sharing 
her useful tips on oral communication. 

Throughout the workshop, students engaged in activities that compelled them to correct their pronunciation and to read with intonation and awareness of the context, purpose and audience of a variety of texts. Students were also taught to take cognizance of pace, fluency and mood in reading texts aloud and to consider myriad perspectives when forming opinions of issues.

2015_ELOralCommWorkshop_EL Dept_Photo_4.jpg

Yung Jin (4E1) reading a speech to his peers. 

During the session, several students were given the opportunity to read aloud to their peers, giving them a chance to practise their public-speaking skills, build on their self-esteem and hone their ability to think on their feet under the pressure of time.

2015_ELOralCommWorkshop_EL Dept_Photo_5.jpg

Students partaking in a Spoken Interaction
 activity with their partners. 

In all, the workshop has helped students to be more persuasive and confident in oral communication. Not only have our students enjoyed the workshop, but they have also become proficient communicators in their own right!