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16th Annual Speech Day 2015

On 11th July 2015, all staff, students, parents, alumni and partners gathered in the hall to celebrate the achievements of Woodgrovers over the past year at our 16th Annual Speech Day.


Centred on the theme of “Deepening Roots. Dream More, Learn More, Become More”, this year’s event reflects the desire of the school to continue the path to success by aspiring big and following through our goals with determination and grit. The theme is also in line with SG50, which celebrates the nation’s success made possible by the dreams and the work of the pioneer generation. The drive for knowledge, learning and excellence has brought the nation to where it is today.


The school is very honoured to invite the founding Principal of the school, Mrs Helena Song, to grace the event as Guest-of-Honour. Under Mrs Helena Song’s leadership, Woodgrove Secondary School became the second home to many as she championed the family culture.


It was also on this very special occasion that we present the MOE Pioneer Generation Tribute to 7 pioneer members to honour and thank them for their contributions to the education service. In addition, Mr Albert Kong Chin Hin, Vice-chairman of the School Advisory Committee (SAC), and Dr Khor Chin Kee, former member of the School Advisory Committee (SAC), both received the prestigious MOE Service to Education Award in recognition of their dedicated service to the education fraternity.


As a gesture of appreciation for gracing the event, a painting entitled ‘Homecoming’ was presented to our Guest-of-Honour Mrs Helena Song. The painting was painted by Ms Gina Goh who was a student of Woodgrove and returned to the Woodgrove family as a member of our staff. The painting depicts a flock of geese flying gallantly across the vast ocean against the backdrop of a fiery sunset. Their goal is to reach home and they seem to seek delight in the momentary display of nature’s fireworks. Likewise, this painting is especially dedicated to Mrs Song as we celebrate her homecoming as the pioneer principal of the school.