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3NT Elective Module 1

The 3NT Elective Modules (EM) aimed at providing a holistic learning experience for the Normal Technical (NT) students by exposing them to various post-secondary education courses as well as raise their awareness of the demands of careers in various industries like Food &Beverage, Beauty & Health as well as ICT.


This is in line with the school’s mission to ‘Shape Character, Ignite Passion and Promote Innovation,’ to prepare our students to become citizens of the future.


Mixing mocktails at OSAC International College


The Secondary 3 NT students have the opportunity to be involved in 2 Elective Modules in the course of the year. For EM Session 1, students were given the option to sign up for three different modules namely Beauty Therapy, Mobile Apps Development and Junior Chef.


 Students showing their ability to fold napkins


In the Beauty Therapy module, students picked up skills in basic facial therapy and basic make up techniques.


 Students practising facial therapy


Learning make-up techniques


In the Mobile Apps Development module, students were taught basic programming skills and how to develop smart phone applications.


Learning programming code for mobile phone applications 


The basics of design in creating mobile phone applications 


The Junior Chef students were exposed to the art of fine Asian and Western cooking and had the experience of being a Barista for a day.  Other highlights of the Junior Chef course included table setting demonstration and lessons in proper food handling and hygiene.


 Junior Chefs whisking custard filling


 Display of food prepared by students


Learning journeys were also part of the learning experience to allow them to see real life application of what they have learnt.  For students who had signed up for the Beauty Therapy module, they were treated to a trip to the Mirror D'International Hair and Beauty Training Centre to see for themselves what career opportunities were available if they chose to specialise in the field.


 Nail-polishing at Mirror D'International Hair & Beauty Training Ctr 


The Junior Chefs students were able to enjoy their hands on cooking session at OSAC International College and also found out more about Diploma courses available for food preparation and culinary arts. They gained insights intended for people training for or employed in the hospitality and catering industries worldwide.


At the Leap Pte Ltd, our students who signed up for the Mobile Apps Development had the opportunity to listen to talk by the CEO of Leap Pte Ltd. with regards to the job opportunities available for them.


 Talk by CEO of Leap Pte Ltd


It has been a wonderful learning experience for the students as it allowed them to evaluate post-secondary school options available for them.