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Chinese Orchestra

Founded in the year 2002, the WGSCO seeks to develop a strong sense of musicality and appreciation for the tenets of Chinese musical culture amongst our students. Our CCA currently comprises of 110 highly dedicated and musically-adept students. As of November 2017,  the WGSCO is currently helmed by 7 passionate teachers, alongside our conductor, Mr Low Cher Yong. 

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As a CCA of choice, we strongly believe in the values of perseverance, teamwork, innovation, commitment, excellence and practice in order to excel and overcome. The Chinese saying goes, 熟能生巧,勤能补拙,or Practice makes Perfect; we aspire to be a world-class Chinese Orchestra whose students are confident and concerned citizens of the future.  


Our Conductor

Mr Low Cher Yong
Mr Low Cher Yong
London College of Music (LLCM, Distinction)

From our inception in 2002, our conductor, Mr Low Cher Yong has mentored countless young musicians, taking them from strength-to-strength, glory-to-glory. Mr Low has been vital in WGSCO's success and its achievements. Mr Low currently holds a Licentiate in Conducting (LLCM), from the London College of Music, Thames Valley University.  
Last Updated: Feb 2018